Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms
Hero Blaze 3Kd- English


Last updated Dec 2022
November, 2021
Launch in Korea (Android & iOS)
April, 2022
Global Community Open
May, 2022
Game Contents Update
  • Arena
June, 2022
Game Contents Update
  • Training system expansion
  • Alliance War
July, 2022
MUDOL2 Token Intro
Launch in Asia (Android & iOS)
  • New server open
Official Global Website Open
  • Exchange
  • Staking
September, 2022
Global Service Region Expansion
  • Global pre-registration
Game Contents Update
  • Equipment Special Upgrade
October, 2022
Launch in North & Central America, Europe (Android & iOS)
  • New server open
Official Global Website Update
  • Governance vote update
February, 2023
Game Contents Update
  • Alliance Territory
  • New General 'Yi Sun-sin' release
March, 2023
Game Contents Update
  • New training system 'Exceed'
  • New shooting content 'Breakthrough'
Market Expansion (Third party market)
  • TapTap Global
2Q ~ 4Q 2023
Game Contents Update
  • New battle contents
  • New General decoration contents
  • New exclusive equipment contents
  • NFT item launch and trade

Key Events

◆ New Server Open
A new server will be opened in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms! Create a new history with new players in a new server.
Take note! All players can access both the existing server and new server, but there will be limitations of Play and Earn contents in some countries due to regulations of Play and Earn games. When Play and Earn games become possible for service in those countries, we will allow Play and Earn contents to be available in the relevant countries immediately.
◆ Official Global Website & Global Community Open
The official global website and global discord community will be open in line with the launch in Asia!
Experience GameFi(Game + Finance) and DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through the official global website, and have fun with other players in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms through the global community.
◆ MUDOL2 Token
We introduce the MUDOL2 Token($MUDOL2) together with the opening of the new server!
Experience an improved Token Economy through $MUDOL2. Please refer to the Economy section for more information.
◆ NFT Contents
Cool items in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms can be owned as NFT!
Own items containing the history of the players forever in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Connecting the time and effort of a player with other players is the true desire of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.