Last updated May 2024


November, 2021

Launch in Korea (Android & iOS)

April, 2022

Global Community Open

May, 2022

Game Contents Update

  • Arena

June, 2022

Game Contents Update

  • Training system expansion

  • Alliance War

July, 2022

MUDOL2 Token Intro

Launch in Asia (Android & iOS)

  • New server open

Official Global Website Open

  • Exchange

  • Staking

September, 2022

Global Service Region Expansion

  • Global pre-registration

Game Contents Update

  • Equipment Special Upgrade

October, 2022

Launch in North, Central, South America and Europe (Android & iOS)

  • New server open

Official Global Website Update

  • Governance vote update

February, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • Alliance Territory

  • New General 'Yi Sun-sin' release

March, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • New training system 'Exceed'

  • New shooting content 'Breakthrough'

Market Expansion (Third party market)

  • TapTap Global

June, 2023

Klaytn Network Support

  • KLAYswap Listing

  • Exchange Update (Klaytn support)

July, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • Preset slot expansion

  • Daily login reward improved

  • New General ‘Da Qiao of the Beach’ release

Launch in Asia 1st Anniversary

  • Asia service 1st anniversary event

August, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • New and returning user login reward improved

  • Awoken Zhao Yun buff and re-release

  • New General ‘Patriot Xu Sheng’ release

DEX Listing

  • Megaton Finance

New Game Launch

  • Hero Blaze Telegram minigame launch

September, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • New General ‘Ma Chao of Western Liang’ release

  • General training system ‘Special Mastery’

  • Breakthrough official release

October, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • New General ‘Green Witch Xiao Qiao’ release

  • Equipment special upgrade expansion

Launch in North, Central, South America and Europe 1st Anniversary

  • North, Central, South America and Europe 1st anniversary event

November, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • New General ‘Awoken Zhou Yu’ release

  • New battle content release ‘Tournament (BETA)’

Launch in Korea 2nd Anniversary

  • Korea service 2nd anniversary event

December, 2023

Game Contents Update

  • New General ‘Santa Sun Ce’ release

  • New achievement mission release

  • Breakthrough Wipeout feature added

January, 2024

Game Contents Update

  • Tournament regular season open

  • Cheer feature for tournament added

  • New General 'Azure Dragon Guan Xing' release

February, 2024

Game Contents Update

  • New mode 'Elite Storm the Gate' open

  • New system 'Friend invitation'

  • Alliance Research Facility research figures increased

New Growth Event

  • General Growth Jumping Event

March, 2024

Game Contents Update

  • General collection content release

  • New General release

Q2, 2024

Game Contents Update

  • Addition of consecutive duel feature

  • Addition of guarantee points when crafting tablets

  • Addition of 'Alliance Co-op Raid'

  • New General 'Lady Gan of Forest' release

  • New stage open

Q3, 2024

Game Contents Update

  • New Exclusive Equipment system release

  • New General release

Q4, 2024

Game Contents Update

  • PVP mode added

  • New Expedition boss added

  • New General release

Launch in Korea 3rd anniversary

  • Launch in Korea 3rd anniversary celebratory event


  • NFT item launch and trade

Key Events

◆ New Server Open

A new server will be opened in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms! Create a new history with new players in a new server.

Take note! All players can access both the existing server and new server, but there will be limitations of Play and Earn contents in some countries due to regulations of Play and Earn games. When Play and Earn games become possible for service in those countries, we will allow Play and Earn contents to be available in the relevant countries immediately.

◆ Official Global Website & Global Community Open

The official global website and global discord community will be open in line with the launch in Asia!

Share the fun with other players and have access to details on the game at the global official site & global community.

◆ MUDOL2 Token

We introduce the MUDOL2 Token($MUDOL2) together with the opening of the new server!

Experience an improved Token Economy through $MUDOL2. Please refer to the Economy section at the MUDOL2 Ecosystem v2 page for more information.

◆ Hero Blaze Telegram Mini game Launch

Hero Blaze is a new mini game utilizing the IP of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms for the expansion of the Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms ecosystem which can be played easily and conveniently in Telegram.

Players can compete with other users all over the world in Telegram, and various events are prepared.

Enjoy an exciting and thrilling shooting action by searching Hero Blaze in Telegram.

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