You can swap the old $MUDOL to the new $MUDOL2.

However, please note that you need to change $MUDOL to the BNB chain through Orbit Bridge in order to use the Swap feature.

◆ How to Use Orbit Bridge

Go to Orbit Bridge (shortcut: https://bridge.orbitchain.io/) and change the Klaytn network of $MUDOL to the BNB network.

By doing so, the $MUDOL you own will be changed to oMUDOL, and it can be swapped to $MUDOL2 on the official global website.

◆ Swap

① [Swap]

Shows your $MUDOL volume and you can request to swap for $MUDOL2.

② [$MUDOL]

You can enter the volume from your $MUDOL to request for Swap.

You can check the volume of your $MUDOL, and it shows the exchange fee when Swapping $MUDOL to $MUDOL2.

④ [Reward]

When you request for Swap, you can receive the Reward as $MUDOL2 per block during the vesting period(180 days) after the Swap feature update. vMUDOL will be offered during the vesting period.

⑤ [Claim]

When you Claim the Reward, the offered vMUDOL will be deducted, making your shares decrease. You can receive the $MUDOL2 mined until the block number at the time of Claiming.

※ The Vesting period will not begin from the day you started the Swap. It will be linearly distributed for 180 days after the release of the Swap feature.

(ex: User “A” requested for $MUDOL Swap on October 15 22:00. User “A” can Claim the $MUDOL2 distributed per block before the request at once.

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