Multichain Support

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms's $MUDOL2 supports BNB, Klaytn, and TON networks.

$MUDOL2 of Hero Blaze : Three Kingdoms supports BNB, Klaytn, and TON networks.

The Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Play and Earn ecosystem will be strengthened through multichain support.

Klaytn Network

$MUDOL2 will officially support the Klaytn network through KLAYswap.

The oMUDOL2 + oUSDT pair pool will be created in KLAYswap, the number 1 DEX in the Klaytn network, in order to provide a convenient exchange of $oMUDOL2 through KLAYswap. Furthermore, $oMUDOL2 can be exchanged for MUDOL Stones on the official global website of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.

$oMUDOL2 (Klaytn)?

The official name is Orbit Bridge Klaytn Mudol2 Token, and it is the $MUDOL2 that supports the Klaytn network through Orbit Bridge.

$oMUDOL2 (Klaytn) Support Wallet

The Klaytn chain-based $oMUDOL2 can be used inside Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms through the connection of Klip, Kaikas and Metamask wallets that support Klaytn assets.

◆ The Open Network (TON chain)

The MUDOL2 token supports the TON network's No.1 DEX, Megaton Finance, through the creation of a pair pool. Additionally, users can bridge their $MUDOL2(BNB), $oMUDOL2(Klaytn), etc. tokens through Orbit Bridge to use the exchange on the global official website.

◆ $oMUDOL2(TON) token?

The official name is Orbit Bridge TON Mudol2 Token, which refers to the MUDOL2 token that supports the TON network through Orbit Bridge.

◆ oMUDOL2(TON) support wallet

The oMUDOL2(TON) token based on the TON chain can be used on Megaton Finance by connecting to wallets that support TON chain assets such as Tonhub, Tonkeeper, and Ton wallet.

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