Form an alliance with other players! By creating or joining an alliance, you can have the upper hand in various battles or even participate in the alliance expedition every week. More content which can be enjoyed with allies will be updated, so the alliance is a must!

◆ Alliance Benefit

Increase the level of your alliance through daily attendance or donation. As your alliance grows, more members can join and benefits such increased ATK can be received through alliance buffs and alliance research!

◆ Alliance Expedition

A content which can be cleared by working together with your alliance members. Like the normal expedition, a powerful boss appears every week. The boss will have lined and ranged attack patterns, so defeat the boss by sharing information with your alliance members! Various rewards such as personal reward and alliance reward can be obtained every week.

◆ Alliance Dungeon

A dungeon content where various items can be obtained to strengthen the alliance and player. Dungeons with higher levels can be challenged by upgrading the dungeon structure using resources collected by the alliance members.

◆ Alliance War

An alliance battle content where two alliances are matched. The goal is to defend ally structures and destroy enemy structures. From strategic defence to decisive attacks, enjoy the thrill of Alliance War with your alliance members!

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