Economy v2

◆ MUDOL2 Infinity

MUDOL2 Infinity represents the MUDOL2 Ecosystem v2. MUDOL2 Ecosystem v2, as a casual gaming platform aiming to provide a fun gaming experience to players, will maximize the sustainability of the MUDOL2 ecosystem and contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain games by allowing players to own entertaining gaming experiences of their own through the combination of blockchain technology and the essential fun in games.

◆ Introduction

Although the early blockchain game industry market expanded its ecosystem’s members through a P2E(Play-to-earn) model, It has been built focusing on profit, conclusively creating limits to the mass adoption of the blockchain game industry. Plus, there was insufficient community participation due to the cost of entry such as exchange fees or NFT pre-purchase, and the lack of social aspects, and high hurdles were formed due to elements that created inconvenience in user experience.

To solve such problems, MUDOL2 built a hybrid type of Web3 ecosystem with ‘Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms’ utilizing the renowned mobile game IP ‘Hero Blaze’ and absorbing the strengths of an easily accessible Web 2 game, and this distinctive strategy allowed over a cumulative 1.5 million users to participate in playing the game after the release of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms in 2021.

However, the blockchain industry market has gone through big changes ever since 2021, the period we built our Web3 ecosystem. Although the blockchain industry market has experienced rapid growth in the years 2020 and 2021, the market has gone through stagnant periods through incidents that harmed the credibility of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole in 2022. Following the flow of the blockchain industry market, the blockchain game market built on P2E models has also experienced explosive growth and stagnation within short periods.

2024 is the period in which the blockchain technology infrastructure will be actively commercialized in the market. In other words, it will be a period where mass adoption begins. Business models applying and utilizing the technology properly according to their purposes are rising as mass adoption takes place, and the number of personal wallet creations is also constantly increasing. The blockchain gaming market will be the market that leads the mass adoption of blockchain, and we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem accordingly.

With our experience in building a sustainable and stable Web3 ecosystem (Ecosystem v1) in 2021, the MUDOL2 ecosystem will also transition to Ecosystem v2 to contribute to the mass adoption of the blockchain game market.

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