General Collection and Training

Tough times call for heroes! More than 200 of the best generals in the Three Kingdoms with their own unique skills!

General summon, general combination, general promotion, equipment upgrade, and research system in order to form the strongest team!

Train generals and form the strongest team through an improved training system!

◆ Collect Generals

Over 200 generals with unique skills are divided into the camps of Wei, Shu, Wu, and Warlords and Heroes, and are classified as Rapid Fire, Penetration, or Explosive types with their skill characteristics.

Generals can be obtained through gameplay rewards, general summon, general combination, and more so collect generals and create your unique strategy depending on the opponent and content!

◆ Train Generals

You can level-up generals by collecting EXP Books, promote them by collecting general fragments, and upgrade their skills by collecting skill upgrade stones.

Furthermore, additional abilities can be granted to generals through general blessing by consuming Cintamani, or by consuming mastery stones and mastery plates from the mastery menu.

If you want to train stronger generals, try crafting and upgrading equipment and accessories through the Blacksmith and equip them to your generals. You will be able to experience stronger generals like never before. Additionally, a special effect will be granted to accessories which require special materials so try crafting them for stronger generals!

Carry out various Research related to general training and battles! In tough battles, various [passive skills] can be obtained through the corresponding Research.

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