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MUDOL2 tokens can be purchased on Huobi Global, MEXC, and KLAYswap exchanges. Since these exchanges do not support KRW deposit transactions, please refer to the guide below to help you use the service smoothly.

Prerequisites in depositing assets and exchanging $MUDOL2 Token ↔ MUDOL Stone

  • Korean Exchange (Upbit, Coinone) account creation and KYC (user verification)

  • Korean Exchange deposit account creation - Upbit (Kbank), Coinone (Kakao Bank)

  • Global Exchange (Huobi) account creation and KYC (user verification)

  • Wallet account creation for token exchange (METAMASK)

! Signing up/logging in and proceeding with KYC verification require mobile app authentication (such as QR code scanning or photo), which requires the installation of the mobile Exchange app. Using the app allows faster processing. KYC verification may require identification documents and verification of identity through your own bank account. ㆍGuide Example Reference 1. Korean Exchange ‘Upbit’( 2. Global Exchange ‘Huobi’( 3. Crypto Wallet ‘METAMASK’(

4. Global Website ( ※ In the case of MEXC (global Exchange), withdrawals to Korean Exchanges are not possible due to the lack of support for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP). ※ Please make sure to check the supported bank accounts provided by Korean Exchanges before selecting an Exchange as the supported bank accounts may vary.

Korean Exchange Account Creation and KYC Verification (Upbit)

▢ Upbit (

1. Create a Korean Exchange account and proceed with KYC verification (user verification) through the mobile app.

Global Exchange Account Creation and KYC Verification (Huobi)

▢ Huobi (

2. Create a global Exchange account and proceed with KYC verification (user verification).

  • 인증단계별로 거래 가능 금액이 변경됩니다.(비트코인 거래 기준)

Korean Exchange Asset Purchase (Upbit)

3. Deposit Korean Won (KRW) through the account that is registered in the Korean Exchange. ▶ Deposit/Withdrawal → [KRW] → Charge KRW → Enter amount to deposit → Request for deposit (it will be withdrawn from the registered Kbank account)

(Guide reference - Upbit)

4. Trade assets using the deposited KRW.

▶ Exchange → Trade Ripple (XRP) → Buy tab → Enter amount → Proceed to buy ※ Please Note - The buy/sell price of the asset could change constantly.

- Please note that Korean Exchanges may have specific time restrictions for transferring and withdrawing assets such as 72 hours after the initial deposit of KRW and 24 hours after the initial deposit. This is due to the Digital Asset Withdrawal Delay System. - The asset in the example (Ripple: XRP) can be replaced with any other asset that can be deposited to a global Exchange.

(Guide reference- Ripple: XRP)

If you own an asset, please create a global Exchange asset deposit address to transfer the assets from the Korean Exchange → global Exchange.

Global Exchange Asset Deposit Address Creation (Huobi)

5. Create an address at the global Exchange (Huobi) → Assets. ▶ Go to Assets → Assets Overview → Deposit → Select asset (Ripple: XRP) → Send Deposit Address

(Guide reference: Huobi)

Korean Exchange → Global Exchange Asset Deposit (Upbit)

6. Withdraw the asset purchased from the Korean Exchange to the global Exchange.

▶ Deposit/Withdrawal → Ripple (XRP) → Request withdrawal → *Enter address/Enter tag → Request withdrawal * Enter the asset deposit address created in the global Exchange for the recipient address and destination tag.

※ Please note: after depositing KRW, it is not possible to transfer the same amount of KRW until 24 hours.

(Guide reference - Ripple: XRP)

If the Korean Exchange asset has been successfully deposited to the global Exchange, go to the global Exchange (Huobi) → Trade → name of deposited asset/USDT and proceed purchase in order to procure Tether (USDT) which is used for purchasing $MUDOL2 Tokens.

Exchange Tether USDT through Selling Global Exchange Asset (Huobi)

*What is Tether (USDT)? Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency designed to have a stable value pegged to the U.S. dollar, and has a value of 1 USDT ≈ 1 USD.

7. Exchange Tether (USDT) through selling the deposited asset from the Korean Exchange at the global Exchange as /USDT.

▶ Trade → Deposited asset/USDT → Select sell volume → Sell [asset ticker]

If you have USDT in the global Exchange, proceed to purchase BNB/USDT for MUDOL2/USDT (MUDOL Tokens) and gas fee to be used for exchanging MUDOL Stones.

Purchase Global Exchange MUDOL2 & BNB (Gas Fee) (Huobi)


▶ Trade → MUDOL2/USDT → Enter amount → Buy MUDOL2

9. But BNB/USDT.

▶ Trade → BNB/USDT → Enter amount → Buy BNB

※ Please Note - The asset in the global Exchange (Huobi) can be purchased starting from 10 USDT. - There is a gas fee (BNB) when exchanging MUDOL Tokens → MUDOL Stones.

If you have successfully bought MUDOL2/USDT and BNB/USDT, please prepare to transfer your asset to the crypto wallet that will be connected to the global website.

Crypto Wallet Creation and Registering Mainnet, Token (METAMASK)


10. Enter the link above, install Metamask and register your wallet account. ▶ Website → Download and install (Chrome recommended) → Create wallet account

11. After creating your wallet account, add *Mainnet network (BSC-Binance Smart Chain) i n Metamask.

▶ At the top of the Metamask screen, go to Network → Add network → BNB Smart (Binance Smart Chain)

12. Add MUDOL2 (MUDOL Token) using the custom token add feature in the BNB Smart Chain mainnet.

▶ Select BNB as mainnet → Press [Import tokens] at the bottom of the wallet → Add MUDOL2 custom token to the wallet. ㆍToken address: 0x5e7f472b9481c80101b22d0ba4ef4253aa61dabc

ㆍToken symbol: MUDOL2 ㆍToken decimal: 18

If you have successfully added BNB and MUDOL2 in your crypto wallet, transfer the asset that you bought from the global Exchange.

Withdraw Global Exchange Asset → Crypto Wallet (Huobi)

13. Withdraw the BNB and MUDOL2 that you bought in the global Exchange (Huobi) and transfer them to your wallet.

▶ Assets → Sopt → Cryptocurrency → BNB/MUDOL2 → Withdraw

14. Select BNB and MUDOL2 each from the Withdraw screen and withdraw them to your crypto wallet.

▶ Select Coin → BNB → Select destination → Enter wallet address → Select withdrawal volume → Proceed withdrawal ▶ Select Coin → MUDOL2 → Select destination → Enter wallet address → Select withdrawal volume → Proceed withdrawal

ㆍWithdrawal Details: Others (when using Metamask) ㆍAddress: crypto wallet address ㆍWithdrawal Amount: enter withdrawal volume ㆍWithdraw: proceed withdrawal

Please note) You can copy your wallet address to the clipboard if you press the Account name in Metamask.

If you have successfully withdrawn your asset, you will be able to check the deposited asset in your crypto wallet.

※ Even if you deposited your asset without adding the MUDOL2 custom token, you will still be able to check your asset volume after adding the MUDOL2 custom token.

If you have enough assets in your wallet to exchange MUDOL Stones, you can proceed to the exchange at the Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms official global website.

◆ Global Website Exchange

▢ Global Website (

! Please note that Korean IP cannot access the Exchange menu at the global website.

14. Go to the Exchange menu at the global website and connect your account and crypto wallet.

▶ Global website → Exchange → Login (Connect game social account) → Connect (connect crypto wallet)

! The Exchange rate of MUDOL Stones and $MUDOL2 is set based on 00:00 (UTC+9) everyday.

You can select a server after connecting all accounts (game social account, crypto wallet account), and you can exchange the MUDOL2 (MUDOL Token) in your wallet to MUDOL Stones.

15. Exchange the MUDOL2 (MUDOL Token) in your crypto wallet. ▶ Set MUDOL2 (MUDOL Token) → Confirm the amount of MUDOL Stones → Approve

16. Proceed BNB withdrawal (gas fee) in your crypto wallet account and approve MUDOL2 exchange.

▶ Approve crypto wallet account pop-up → Set spending limit → [Next] → Confirm gas fee and [Approve]

※ Due to the recent update of Metamask, when setting a custom spending limit and choosing either personal input or [Max], the approval process may not proceed, and a small amount of BNB gas fee (transaction fee) may be incurred. To ensure a smooth approval process, please select [Use Default Value] for the Approve transaction. (2023-03-31)

※ The color of the amount displayed in the screen when selecting [Use Default Value] is unrelated to the approval status.

17. Exchange MUDOL2 (MUDOL Token) to MUDOL Stones.

▶ If the Approve button has been changed to Swap, press the Swap button to exchange

17. Check the history at the bottom of the Exchange screen and check the swap status.

If you successfully completed the Swap, the Status in the history will be changed from In progress to Complete. When this has been confirmed, please login to the game ※ The MUDOL Stones may take some time to be sent to the game.

18. Check if the MUDOL Stones have been successfully given inside the game.

Using Korean Exchange → KLAYswap Exchange

This guide has been written with examples using the Korean Exchange Upbit and the XRP (Ripple). (For the convenience of users using KLAYswap, we recommend using KLAY, KSP, and XRP.)

※Please Note

*For the initial deposit of Korean won (KRW), digital asset withdrawals will be restricted for a period of 72 hours. Starting from the second KRW deposit, a 24-hour delay on digital asset withdrawals will be applied. This means that the withdrawal of digital assets equivalent to the total amount of KRW deposited within the previous 24 hours, based on the timing of the withdrawal request, will be restricted.

1. Move to the ‘request withdrawal’ of the digital asset that you own from the Deposit/Withdrawal menu in the Exchange that you use.

2. In the recipient address (withdrawal address) at the Exchange withdrawal menu, press the [Deposit] button of the asset that you wish to deposit in the ‘My Asset’ menu in KLAYswap.

3. Deposit your asset to the deposit address displayed in the screen. (Exchange or personal wallet withdrawal)

※When depositing XRP owned in the Exchange (or personal wallet) to the address issued in KLAYswap, it will be automatically converted to oXRP before being deposited.

※ For Ripple, please enter the destination tag.

3. Exchange oXRP to oMUDOL2 from the ‘Swap’ menu in KLAYswap.

​​​4. Press ‘Klaytn’ in the network selection on the official global website.


5. Login using your game account by pressing the ‘Login’ button at the top-right corner.

6. If you have successfully logged-in, press ‘Connect’ and select the wallet that you have connected in KLAYswap.

※ Please note that only 1 wallet each in the BSC and Klaytn network can be connected to 1 game account.

7. After logging in and connecting your wallet, press ‘Select Server’ to select the server you wish to connect with your wallet.

8. After selecting the server, press ‘Swap’ to complete the deposit of oMUDOL2 Tokens.

9. Easily add oMUDOL2 to your personal wallet connected to KLAYswap.

If you cannot see oMUDOL2 Token, go to ‘My Asset’ menu and search oMUDOL2 -> press add token button

Register Personal Wallet (Metamask, Kaikas) when Depositing over 768 USD in the Korean Exchange

[Register personal Coinone wallet]

[Register Bithumb whitelist wallet address]

1) After logging in to Upbit, go to [MY] page and select [Manage] from the [Manage Personal Wallet Address].

2) Select [Register Address] at the [Manage Personal Wallet Address]. *In order to register a personal wallet, a user verification and an additional two-factor authentication is required. *Please complete all of the verification before proceeding.

3) Select the [Wallet Type] you wish to register and proceed with the connection. *Please check if you have installed a personal wallet extension. (Please note that depending on the browser you are using, it may not be possible to install the extension.) *If it is not installed, you will not be able to register your personal wallet address.

  • Browsers that can install the extension : Metamask: Chrome, Naver Whale, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge

4) After installing the personal wallet extension, check the connection status from the personal wallet screen. *You can register your personal wallet address only if you have connected your personal wallet in Upbit.

5) Before proceeding with the two-factor authentication, please check the information of the wallet address that you wish to register in Upbit (network, wallet address, etc.).

  • Network: the networks that can be registered per personal wallet are different.

  • Please check the registered personal wallet address and network (transfer method) during deposit and withdrawal.

  • Wallet address: it is the personal wallet that can send and receive digital assets when requesting for deposit/withdrawal in Upbit. *The selected wallet address will be automatically applied in the ‘Wallet Address’ section.

*Wallet registration will be canceled if it is not completed within 3 minutes after requesting for the two-factor authentication.

6) Once the two-factor authentication process is completed, you need to proceed with the "Signature Request" on your personal wallet for the registration of the wallet address. *If you don't see the signature field on Metamask, please click the [Retry] button to refresh the page and try again.

7) Once you have completed the two-factor authentication and the "Signature Request" on your personal wallet, you will be able to view the registered wallet address on the [Manage Wallet Addresses] page.

  • Network: This refers to the network through which you can withdraw funds to your personal wallet. Before initiating any deposits or withdrawals of digital assets, please ensure that the supported digital asset network on Upbit is compatible with the network supported by your personal wallet. *The supported networks may vary depending on the type of wallet.

  • Edit personal wallet nickname: click on the 'pencil' icon next to the registered wallet. This will allow you to edit the 'nickname' of the wallet and update it accordingly.

  • Delete personal wallet: If you no longer wish to use a personal wallet and want to delete it, you can click the 'X' next to the wallet address to remove it.

*For more information, please refer to the customer support in the Exchange that you use.

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