You can stake $MUDOL2 to earn votes(vMUDOL) which can be used to participate in governance votes to exert influence on various agendas inside Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.

◆ Staking Screen

① [Total Staked]

Shows the total vMUDOL of all users.

② [Staked Amount]

Shows the volume of $MUDOL2 you staked.

③ [vMUDOL Balance]

Shows the volume of vMUDOL you earned by staking $MUDOL2.

④ [Staking]

You can stake $MUDOL2 here.

⑤ [UnStake]

When the $MUDOL2 staking contract period ends and it is unstaked, the vMUDOL earned through staking will be burned and all staked $MUDOL2 will be returned.

You can enter how many $MUDOL2 you want to stake.

You can check the volume of your current $MUDOL2, and you can boost the stake of vMUDOL based on the staking period.

Shows your Reward volume based on your share of vMUDOL earned through staking, and the time left until your next Reward.

※ When you stake additionally, the staking contract will be renewed at the latest period.

For example, You stake 100 $MUDOL2 for 120 days on January 29, 2022. And after 60 days on March 26, 2022, you stake an additional 100 $MUDOL2 for 240 days. That makes the staking contract end on November 23, 2022.

◆ Staking Reward

Based on your vMUDOL volume, MUDOL Stones used inside the game will be exchanged for $MUDOL2 and distributed to you.

Every day at 00:00(UTC+9), the accumulated MUDOL Stones used inside the game are exchanged for $MUDOL2. 30.006% of the exchanged $MUDOL2 is distributed to vMUDOL holders who are staking $MUDOL2.

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