The Play and Earn features of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms are available on the official global website.

On the official global website, Exchange, Swap, and Staking MUDOL2 Token($MUDOL2) are available. More information can be seen below.

◆ Main Screen


You can stake $MUDOL2 to earn vMUDOL, which can be used to participate in governance votes to exert influence in various agendas inside Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.


You can exchange MUDOL Stones obtained inside the game for $MUDOL2. You can also exchange $MUDOL2 for MUDOL Stones, in order to use them inside the game.


You can check the Tokenomics, Roadmap, etc. of $MUDOL2.


You can link your Metamask or BSC wallet to check the balance of your $MUDOL, $MUDOL2, and vMUDOL.


You can swap the old $MUDOL to the new $MUDOL2.

※ The Swap menu can be found at the bottom part of the main screen.

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