MUDOL Stones

Obtain MUDOL Stones

MUDOL Stones can be obtained through various contents inside the game.
[Special Mission Reward]
You must first clear the daily missions given everyday. And then, you can clear special missions to obtain MUDOL Stones.
In order to participate in the special missions, you must meet the conditions as below.
[Weekly Contents Reward]
When you hit the top ranks in Duel, Expedition, and Infinity Rush, you can obtain MUDOL Stones as a weekly ranking reward.
※ The are and amount of MUDOL Stones you can obtain could be changed through future updates.
[Citadel Rush]
Deploy 5 Generals everyday and enjoy Citadel Rush!
Challenge 5 Citadels daily and succeed to obtain Gold and EXP Books. There is a chance to obtain MUDOL Stones when clearing the Citadel with massive success.
Each Citadel has 3 chances to obtain MUDOL Stones per day. When the 3 chances are all used, MUDOL Stones cannot be obtained until 00:00 (KST/UTC+9) when it is reset.
Please refer to our official discord for more information about Citadel Rush!

◆ MUDOL Stone Usage

MUDOL Stones that are obtained by participating in various contents inside the game can be used on its dedicated shop.
Use MUDOL Stones to obtain rare items inside the game and increase your ranks in battle contents to receive top tier weekly ranking rewards!
You can use MUDOL Stones to purchase time-limited items and regular sale items. Also, you can purchase “Awoken Guan Yu Package” using MUDOL Stones once per server.
You can purchase additional entry counts in Duel, Expedition, and Infinity Rush using MUDOL Stones to aim for a higher rank.
※ In the MUDOL Stone shop, there are items that are hard to obtain outside the MUDOL Stone shop.
※ Awoken Guan Yu can only be obtained from the Awoken Guan Yu Package and VIP Package.
[Rent Farm]
Deposit MUDOL Stones to rent farms, and obtain items inside the game through harvest.
You can achieve higher points in battle contents through [Ancient Tablet Recipe] only obtainable by renting farms!
You must deposit 300 MUDOL Stones to rent 1 farm, and a maximum of 200 farms can be rented.
By depositing MUDOL Stones, you will receive farm points everyday within the rent period and your farm grade will increase based on the accumulated farm points.
A farm has 10 stages with benefits such as ‘Increase in Duel maximum charge count’, Discount on refreshing special missions with Cintamani’. At 00:00 (KST/UTC+9) the day after you rent a farm, you can receive Farm Treasure Box and farm points depending on the number of farms you rented. You can also receive daily rewards depending on your farm grade.
※ After renting/additional renting a farm, you cannot end your rental for a minimum of 7 days. Also, you will not be able to end your rental if there is an unclaimed reward.
※ If you end your rental after a minimum of 7 days, your farm grade and exp will be reset, and your deposited MUDOL Stones will be returned to you.
Please refer to our official discord for more information abour MUDOL Stones!
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