Staking is a way to reward MUDOL2 Token($MUDOL2) holders. If you are a $MUDOL2 holder, stake $MUDOL2 on the official global website to earn more rewards!

◆ Staking Method

Even if the same quantity of $MUDOL2 is staked, the quantity of vMUDOL earned can differ with the staking period.

For instance, you can earn 100 vMUDOL if you stake 100 $MUDOL2 for 120 days. If you stake 100 $MUDOL2 for additional 240 days when the staking contract period has 30 days left, you can earn 200 vMUDOL, making it a total of 300 vMUDOL.

Long-term staking participants can earn more vMUDOL, and can exert a lot of influence in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms through the governance with the corresponding voting rights.

Category120 days240 days360 days

Applied multiple




Vote eared per 1 staked $MUDOL2




◆ Unstaking

When the staking contract period has expired and unstaking is performed, vMUDOL will be burned and all $MUDOL2 staked by the player will be returned. When staking additionally, the staking contract period will be renewed at the latest end time, so please keep in mind when staking.

For instance, if you stake 100 $MUDOL2 for 120 days in January 29, 2022 and stake 100 $MUDOL2 for 240 days after 60 days on March 26, 2022, the staking contract period will end on November 23, 2022.

◆ Staking Reward

Accumulated MUDOL Stones used in-game will be changed into $MUDOL2 every day at 00:00 (KST, UTC+9), with 30.006% of the $MUDOL2 to be distributed to vMUDOL holders who have staked $MUDOL2 on the official global website. This is done as compensation for maintaining the value of $MUDOL2 and contributing to governance.

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