MUDOL Stones obtained through gameplay can be exchanged for MUDOL2 Tokens($MUDOL2) on the official global website. Inflation is managed through the increase of MUDOL Stone usage and the exchange between MUDOL Stone and $MUDOL2 regarding the exchange rate.

◆ Exchange Limit

The quantity of each limit will be gradually eased from the initial supply with the stabilization of the initial $MUDOL2 price and MUDOL Stone quantity.

  • MUDOL Stones are separated into Charged Stones and Earned Stones.

  • Charged Stones are MUDOL Stones which are received by exchanging $MUDOL2. Earned Stones are MUDOL Stones which are received inside the game through contents such as Special Missions, Events, and Weekly Ranking rewards.

  • Charged Stones can be exchanged regardless of the minimum exchange limit, while Earned Stones must meet or exceed the minimum exchange limit in order to be exchanged. If the minimum exchange limit for Earned Stones is 4,000, the exchange example would be as below.

Number of Charged StonesNumber of Earned StonesExchangeable Stones







  • As of March 28, 2024, the daily minimum exchange limit of Earned Stones per server is 4,000.

  • The daily maximum withdrawal limit of $MUDOL2 will start from 250 per UID (login account) and increase to 1,000.

  • The total daily withdrawable amount of $MUDOL2 will start from 5% of the amount of $MUDOL2 in the Play to Earn pool and increase to a maximum of 30% when the exchange rate has been reset.

  • Exchange will be limited during 23:00 ~ 01:00(KST, UTC+9) for a stable exchange rate update process.

◆ Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is determined by the quantity of accumulated $MUDOL2 issued by a fixed quantity everyday regarding the distribution plan and the quantity of accumulated MUDOL Stones circulating inside the game. The exchange rate is updated everyday at a fixed time.

If users who play the game increase and the quantity of MUDOL Stones circulating inside the game increase, the exchange rate will increase. If there are less users and the quantity of MUDOL Stones circulating inside the game decrease, the exchange rate will decrease.

For instance, if each user(DAU) who played the game on the first day earned a total of 50 MUDOL Stones in a day, and 200,000 $MUDOL2 were distributed on the first day according to the distribution plan, the exchange rate regarding the number of user(DAU) on the first day can differ as below.

CASEDAUTotal number of MUDOL Stones inside the gameNuber of accumulated $MUDOL2 in the game reward poolMUDOL Stone : $MUDOL2 (exchange ratio)
















Through this principle, if the exchange rate increase, there will be needs to purchase $MUDOL2 to exchange with MUDOL Stones, increasing the demands, and we can expect to maintain the worth of $MUDOL 2.

※ It will be applied to $MUDOL2 in all chains.

◆ Exchange Fee

There will be a 5% exchange fee when exchanging MUDOL Stones for $MUDOL2, and the corresponding fee will be used for the cost to maintain the ecosystem such as transaction fees, etc. There is no exchange fee when exchanging $MUDOL2 to MUDOL Stones.

◆ Exchange Example

The example of exchange results regarding the exchange rate and exchange fee is as below.

CategoryMUDOL Stone → $MUDOL2$MUDOL2 → MUDOL Stone

MUDOL Stone : $MUDOL2 Exchange Rate



Exchange target

100 MUDOL Stone

100 $MUDOL2

Exchange fee



Exchange result

19 $MUDOL2

500 MUDOL Stones

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