Charged MUDOL Stones can be exchanged for MUDOL2 Tokens ($MUDOL2) at the global official site.

◆ Exchange Limit

The quantity of each limit will be gradually eased from the initial supply with the stabilization of the initial exchange rate and $MUDOL2 price.

  • Charged Stones can be exchanged regardless of the minimum exchange limit, and the earned MUDOL Stones are not available for exchange.

  • The daily maximum withdrawal limit of $MUDOL2 will start from 250 per UID (login account) and increase up to 1,000.

  • The total daily withdrawable amount of $MUDOL2 will start from 5% of the amount of $MUDOL2 in the Play to Earn pool and increase to a maximum of 30%.

  • As of June 4, 2024 (KST, UTC+9) 00:00, the exchange rate is fixed.

◆ Exchange Fee

There will be a 5% exchange fee when exchanging MUDOL Stones for $MUDOL2, and the corresponding fee will be used for the cost to maintain the ecosystem such as transaction fees, etc.

◆ Exchange Example

The example of exchange results regarding the exchange rate and exchange fee is as below.

CategoryMUDOL Stone → $MUDOL2

MUDOL Stone : $MUDOL2 Exchange Rate


Exchange target

100 MUDOL Stone

Exchange fee


Exchange result

19 $MUDOL2

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