The governance in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a decentralized community of players participating in various decisions regarding Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. We plan on making Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms be owned by a truly decentralized community (DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on a long-term basis.

◆ Governance Vote Preparation

Vote in the Governance using vMUDOL which can be obtained by staking $MUDOL2.

There are two ways of voting: Manual Voting where you can vote yourself, and Delegate Voting where you can delegate your Voting Power to a third party. In order to vote, you must complete Setup Voting once (only 1 Setup Voting is required). The first proposal will only be proceeded by Manual Voting, and the Delegate Voting feature will be updated in the future.

◆ Governance Vote Participation

[Proposal Registration]

Proposals are added to the governance by the operator. The minimum required votes to participate in the vote is 10% of the amount of the entire vMUDOL at the time the proposal is registered. The vote is proceeded for 7 days, 3 days for preparation, and 4 days for the voting period.

[Preparation Period]

There is a 3 days preparation period after the proposal has been registered in the governance. You will have Voting Power equal to the number of vMUDOL you own at the Block when the vote starts. You can use the vMUDOL increased by staking during the preparation period as Voting Power, but you cannot use vMUDOL obtained after the vote starts.

[Vote Process]

The vote will proceed for 4 days after it starts. You can participate in the vote based on the number of vMUDOL you own at the start of the vote. You can vote once per wallet for each proposal, and you cannot change your decision after you have finished voting.

For example, if you own 10 vMUDOL when you have voted for “A”, 10 votes will be voted to “A”.

[Final Proposal]

During the vote period, out of the proposals that have reached the minimum vote requirements, the proposal with the highest number of votes will be decided as the final proposal. The proposals which did not achieve the minimum vote requirement will be canceled.

For example, if 1 person voted 10 votes on “A” and 2 people voted 3 votes on “B”, proposal “A” will be decided as the final proposal.

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