MUDOL2 Token ($MUDOL2)

MUDOL2 Token is the utility token and governance token of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. $MUDOL2 can be exchanged with MUDOL Stones which are obtained by playing the game. Voting rights(vMUDOL) are given to $MUDOL2 holders by staking $MUDOL2 in the official global website and it can be used to participate on votes in the governance and exert influence.

The total supply of $MUDOL2 is 500,000,000, and the initial issuance and distribution plan are as below.


  • Total distribution: 500,000,000 $MUDOL2

  • Initial Issuance: used for the initial exchange supply of the accumulated MUDOL Stones inside the game before the global launch to $MUDOL2, and the swap supply of $MUDOL distributed during the launch in Korea to $MUDOL2.

  • Play to Earn: used as a reward pool for Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms players.

  • DAO creator reward: used as a reward for content participants such as content creators. It is also provided to partners who helps DAO.

  • vMETA Reward: used as META ARENA's vMETA holder reward. (the remaining volume after January 4, 2024 will be vested in the Reserve pool.)

  • Team: used to maintain the ecosystem and development.

  • Private Sale: private sale will be held in order to secure costs for building an early ecosystem.

  • Advisor: distributed to the advisors participating in the planning of ecosystem.

  • Reserve: used in future areas where necessary in the ecosystem.

CategoryTotal SupplyPercentageVesting

Initial Issuance




Play to Earn



3yr vesting

DAO creator reward



3yr vesting

vMETA Reward



vesting halt after January 4, 2024




1yr 6M lock, 3yr vesting

Private Sale



1yr lock, 1yr vesting




1yr lock, 1yr vesting




3yr vesting





※ The distribution has been updated on January 4, 2024 (KST/UTC+9).

MUDOL Token($MUDOL) and MUDOL2 Token($MUDOL2) Exchange

$MUDOL which was distributed during the launch of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms in Korea can be swapped to $MUDOL2 with a ratio of 100:1 on the official global website. $MUDOL2 which can be swapped with $MUDOL will be distributed linearly for 180 Days as the initial issuance supply.

In order for $MUDOL holders during the early global launch to receive benefits, vMUDOL will be given based on the vesting period when applying for a swap.

When applying for $MUDOL swap, vMUDOL can be received just as staking $MUDOL2 during the vesting period and MUDOL Stones used inside the game can be received as $MUDOL2. Every time a new block is formed, the converted/distributed $MUDOL2 can be claimed anytime and if you claim the $MUDOL2, your share ratio of vMUDOL will decrease. When you claim the reward for the MUDOL Stones used inside the game, your share of vMUDOL will not change.

For example, If Alice applies for 1,000 $MUDOL swap on the swap contract day, she will receive 10 vMUDOL, through an applied ratio of 100:1. Alice's $MUDOL is vested for 180 days and swapped to $MUDOL2 per block unit. At the same time, she can receive MUDOL Stones used inside the game as $MUDOL2 every day based on her share ratio. If Alice claims the swapped 5 $MUDOL2 after 90 days, she earns a share ratio of 5 vMUDOL.

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