Economy v1

For the mass adoption of blockchain games, MUDOL2 Ecosystem v1 has set and built its direction according to a core keyword, and started its transition to Ecosystem v2 to provide a continuous immersive ‘fun’ and to allow players to actively ‘participate’ and ‘remain’ in the community (ecosystem) to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain games.

[Ecosystem v2 Transition Timeline]

◆ 2024. 5.

We have taken our first steps toward the transition to the MUDOL2 ecosystem. : MUDOL2 Infinity official site and community open Official Site: https://MUDOL2.COM Official Twitter:

Official Telegram:

Official Medium:

◆ 2024. 6.

The official transition of MUDOL2 ecosystem has begun. : Ecosystem transition to MUDOL2 Ecosystem v2 - Klaytn (Kaia) Chain Staking Service Launch (vMUDOL Reward) - DragonSwap liquidity pool created ($MUDOL2 - $KLAY) For details on where MUDOL2 ecosystem will head, such as NFT campaign launching and Ecosystem v2 game line-up release, please refer to our Roadmap in Ecosystem v2 Docs. Link to Ecosystem v2 Docs

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